My personal concept internet safari guide using my experience

My personal concept internet

My personal concept internet safari guide.

My personal concept internet safari guide. Using my experience you choose a local tour operator, a professional, speak and write English, lives on site in Kenya

Watch out for Swindlers, no psychosis, just caution! There are a lot of swindles at the moment. How might you be swindled?  Never purchase « cheap » or « good price » safaris from « beach boys » etc..

Concerning Internet direct local contacts you have to choose the results of the search engines and not the discussion forums! Is it more reassuring to choose your local contact with a search engine like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Qwant, Ecosia, Duck Duck Go etc. The results of the search engines are very reliable…  read more

My personal concept internet safari guide.

Kenya dream guide my personal concept how?


A true kenya safari but not expensive, which is my concept? My personal concept how?

Using my advice you choose a local ground operator, a professional (who speak and write English) who lives on site in Africa, a member of the association that monitors tours operators, KATO (Kenya association of tour operators) for Kenya. These agencies that I recommend have vast safari experience, climbed Kilimanjaro, Masai etc. – sometimes for 30 years. Feel free to ask me about my ground operators !

All what you want to know about Kenya – I love Kenya ! Travel to Kenya, holiday, journey or
authentic trip and adventure to my kenya, Yes kenya, only Kenya, always Kenya, let’s go to Kenya !!

I found a way to buy my journeys directly without intermediate an directly with with a local ground operator, excellent and less expensive, with many favourable prices!! Yes and there is those most beautiful journeys in private concept (nobody else, just the driver guide and you in the car): They are authentic, take place off the roads and are not expensive as group inclusive tours!!!

I am a wildlife photographer and go every 6 – to 8 weeks to East Africa, see my interest for help you, below.

Do you have any questions ? Ask me

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Some examples of our Kenya safaris tours

Mission :

To help you find the best Kenya safaris with the cheapest prices, with my local contacts.

Vision :

35 years of experience in Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana.

Values :

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