kenya tips safari vacation holidays

kenya tips safari

kenya tips safari vacation holidays.

Kenya tips safari vacation holidays. Do not forget my 10 tips. Kenya travel the website where you will find all that you are looking for kenya trips adventures

kenya tips safari vacation holidays.

Kenya formalities for travel.
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kenya Tips for travellers

Photocopy all your important documents
(passport, flight tickets, vaccination record cards etc.)
However, do not put the copies in the same pockets as the originals !

Scan your passport, flight tickets and vaccination record card and send
them to yourself on your web-based email (hotmail or similar) and
if necessary, you simply go to a cybercafé anywhere in the
world and print the copies! You are saved!
(Allow for 200-300 kb per document in JPEG format)

Remember that in Africa you must confirm your return flight several
days before leaving, by telephoning the airline at their airport office
due to over-booking! If not, you run the risk of having to
wait for the next flight!

When you arrive in the country, if you will be leaving from the same airport
go to your airline sales desk and ask if you can confirm your return flight
and if not, ask if you can have the telephone number so that you
can ring to confirm the return flight!

Keep a little change for the return, which you can use for luggage porters
or for what follows below. (Remember to also keep $40 for return departure taxes,
unless it is already included in your flight ticket price – remember to check)

NB – when you return, when your bags are weighed, they
may also put your hand baggage on the scales !!

Look carefully, because sometimes they let their toe  » drag  » on the edge
of the scales, and you risk paying excess baggage tax! Do not cause a scandal
it is commonplace, simply comment that the foot  » slipped  » and
ask that they reweigh your baggage, and slip them a little cash
– everything will be fine, this is Africa!

Avoid clothes in bright or fluorescent colours; blend in with
the crowd without being noticed.
v NB Grass is high after the rainfall! (makes animal observation a little difficult)

Obtain an international driving licence before leaving – you never know!
It isn’t expensive. Contact your nearest AA shop for details.

If you are going camping, bring the aeroplane pillow with you
as well as the blanket, they will serve you well.
Psst…don’t repeat this please!

And finally, no trip to Africa is complete without several torches!
Front-lighting torches are very practical but more expensive
and as you will use it a lot, the bulb and the batteries
won’t last long!



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wall outlet

Electricity current – 240 volts and UK sockets!

Remember to bring an adapter if you live in France, or if your country’s sockets are of a different standard.

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