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Malaria passive prevention

Malaria passive prevention on Kenya safari.

Malaria passive prevention on Kenya safari. Think about my malaria passive prevention and trust in 35 years of experience about kenya travel safaris and malaria

Malaria passive prevention on Kenya safari.

Think about passive prevention! Trust in my experience

How do you effectively protect against malaria or trypanosomiasis? Personally, I favour passive prevention and I do not take medication to Kenya or Tanzania because all nature reserves are on a plateau at an altitude of 1200 m to 3000 m, but note that you must take passive prevention seriously, otherwise you are in danger! See below.

There are very few flies and mosquitoes on the Kenyan plateaus and in northernTanzania so I take the following precautions:

These rules apply between 5.30pm and 8am. During this time the mosquitoes are virulents. Outside of these hours, remember to put on a T-shirt and shorts.

Rules for passive prevention: between 5.30pm and 8am

– I wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers – I spray the tent or room with a « RAID » type spray that kills everything – I spray a fabric repellent onto fabrics and my clothing – in the pharmacy, ask for a product for tropical mosquitoes – I spray my hands and the visible parts of my skin with a skin repellent. Ask your pharmacist for a product for tropical mosquitoes.

For coastal areas, where the risks are higher due to the humidity combined with the heat it is in your best interests to follow this passive prevention but also to follow your doctor’s advice, as he will tell you to take anti-malaria drugs.

Above all, do not panic

but be careful and take precautions, because a mosquito that stings does not transmit disease if it is not itself infected!

The Anopheles Malaria Mosquito - Kenya Precautions - Malaria passive prevention

The Anopheles Malaria Mosquito

Think about insect repellent and passive prevention!

ETHYLEXANEDIOL ( EHD )30 to 40 % (also for children)
( 35/50 )


Also bring « tropical » insect repellent
(it is important to specify tropical mosquitos).
You can also buy repellent to put on your skin and another type for the fabric of your clothing. Also bring sun protection lotion (the sun is 8 times stronger than in northern Europe) and to reduce possible burns, the miracle product « Biafine » to be applied in a thick layer without rubbing in!

Beware of the tse-tse fly
that stings during the day, it is very painful! Wear light-coloured clothing (avoid blue as it attracts them), put repellent on your clothing and any uncovered skin and your face.

Vaccination against yellow fever is strongly recommended
and anti-malaria treatment is a personal choice. Check with your GP, in case of contra- indications! Know that I have guided about 140,000 persons in the last 14 years and nobody had malaria with my passive prevention above.

Travellers’ diarrhoea. Who has never had travellers’ diarrhoea? (me!)
Mild travellers’ diarrhoea is due to tiredness or stress as much as to the change in food. Avoid tap water and uncooked food, or check if it has been washed in boiled water. Bring an antidiarrhoeal like ERCEFURYL and IMODIUM, disinfectant and antibiotics. lange Ärmel und lange Hose ab 17h30, Spray « Raid »

Above all be careful with water ice cubes and raw vegetables, as they are the source of intestinal problems. Do not drink bottled water if the cap cracks on opening, or water that has boiled for at least a few minutes (for ice and raw vegetables). If you are going on an adventure trip, bring water purification tablets such as MICROPUR (for igloo camping safaris only) so that you can drink the water safely a few hours later.

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