Monsoon - Kenya climate beaches and safaris

Kenya climate beaches and safaris

Kenya climate beaches and safaris - Weather -

Kenya climate beaches and safaris – Weather – Adventures and safaris during the rain and the monsoon. I get lots of questions about the monsoon , as people would like to go to Kenya

Kenya climate beaches and safaris - Weather - Adventures

Kenya climate for adventure travel vacation in Kenya.

For the safaris, all months of the year are very good.

You can see a lot of animals during the monsoons.
But there will be more adventures!

I get lots of questions about the monsoon, as people would like to go to
Kenya between mid March and the end of June, and my answer is – go!
You will probably benefit from 50% price reductions due to low season.
If the weather remains similar to that of past years (you never know)
the monsoon rain has never bothered me as a tourist! However, as a
photographer it is different, as the magazines do not want photos of
Africa with green grass! All the same, cars struggle on the roads that
are potholed with rain – a 4×4 vehicle is vital.

If you are staying on the coast, there is no problem – if it rains you will get
wet anyway :o) and remember that the rain is hot! Generally, it falls for an
hour in the morning as well as an hour in the evening and during the night.

And how does it rain, you may ask yourself? It is interesting to see that
you get up in the morning to bright sunshine, then in 15 minutes dark
clouds arrive, then the heavens open for 30 minutes, then sun and
everything is dry in 30 minutes, and then again! The same in the
evening in normal weather, but there is still something
normal about this weather!

The ideal trip is a lovely beach holiday in Diani and a short 1 to 2 day
safari with a local Diani agency that will take you on a real safari in a
private vehicle off the beaten track and at a good price, as you will
pay the local company directly with no intermediaries! They will show
you wonderful wild animals in reserves that are 3 hours away by care
from the cost – my favourite places. Click here and scroll down on
the new page that will open. Contact me to find out about this agency.

On the plateaux, the climate is hot and dry, with temperatures generally
between 25°C and 30°C during the day year-round. During winter nights
from July to September, the temperature varies from 5°C to 15°C, and
from 15°C to 25°C during summer nights (January to March).

Plan for the weather: light clothes (but suitable for safaris)
plus woollen clothes for the evenings, or for inland at altitude.

Due to this climate, I favour December to the end of March, and
mid-July to the end of October for visiting. Rainy season runs from
April to June, and November has rainy spells.

Regarding game-viewing, I favour the following periods: 10th January to
the end of March (young felines can be spotted) and 15th August to 30th
October, for magnificent landscapes and springtime at the end of October
but pay attention game-viewers, as the grass is very long after the rain!

Kenya climate beaches and safaris - Weather - Adventures

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